An artistic, eco-friendly and charitable endeavour

For Spring / Summer 2021, SANDRO gave artist Yuko Nishikawa complete creative freedom. The Japanese artist and ceramicist based in New York has rendered her world in recycled paper mache and designed an array of mobiles, brought to life at selected Sandro points of sale.

Produced entirely by hand, each and every mobile is unique.

Beans, Pinecones, Umbrellas

Title of the work: Beans, Pinecones, Umbrellas


For Evelyne and Ilan Chetrite, founders and creative directors of SANDRO, art is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and field of expression. These collaborations are a means of supporting and promoting emerging creative talent.

Here, the fashion house emphasises the artisanal and eco-friendly know-how of Japanese artist Yuko Nishikawa, and makes it resonate with its creative values.

Beans, Pinecones, Umbrellas is my expression of joy through mobiles, whose wonky colourful dots sway and giggle as we walk and stir the air around them.